Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) is a music college like no other – custom built for serious musicians who desire a long term, professional career in modern music. The courses are designed to build strong musical foundations, that will lead to long and sustained careers in the music industry alongside gaining academic qualifications.

DIME’s approach to Music Education is unique. Our measures of success are different from others. For instance, have you ever considered why highly technical music often reaches a smaller audience than ‘simple’ music? All of our high level courses are for musicians and entrepreneurs who wish to excel and maximize their musical ability, whilst learning how the industry works. At DIME, we never forget the importance of earning a living from music. Navigating your way round the music industry is a complicated business, and learning from experience is the best way. DIME’s founders and instructors have that experience. You will discover how to build your musical career from people who have enjoyed sustained success.

At DIME, we allow you to specialize in songwriting, music entrepreneurship, guitar, bass, drums or vocals. We will help you direct all your energy towards the areas of your ability that will help you reach your personal goals. You will be studying classes such as Live Performance, Technical Development, Improvisation, Theory of Music and Ear Training and Music Business Studies.

You will be playing in bands, meeting industry professionals, mastering technique, promoting your own shows, developing your voice, arranging your songs and many other exciting aspects of career development. Most of all, you will be part of a Musical Community of like-minded musicians and budding entrepreneurs.




Here is a breakdown of the DIME Academic courses on offer from September 2014. All classes are taught in the DIME facilities in Capitol Park, Detroit.

1. BA (HONS) DEGREE IN CREATIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Songwriting and Music Entrepreneurship)

This is a Degree level course, and is subject to validation by Falmouth University, the UK’s leading University of the Arts.

The degree is for musicians who are proficient on their instrument or particular discipline and want to take their study to the highest level. This course carries an annual credits target and is broken down into classes. The course is designed for students to study at DIME for 3 years to complete the full Degree (30 US credits per annum). Classes will include; Technical Development, Improvisation, Theory of Music and Ear Training, Live Performance and Music Business Studies.

The Degree course runs in 2 x 15 weeks semesters from September to June each year. Your time on campus will be timetabled and you will study on site for approximately 14 hours per week. You will be expected to continue your studies in your own time, rehearsing with your band, songwriting or booking gigs. Becoming a professional musician is hard work and you need to put the hours into all areas of your career.

The cost of this course is $12,999 per annum. To book an assessment, please call us on 313 223 1600 or fill in the application form here. alternately you can email us directly at

2. DIME Certificate in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Songwriting and Music Entrepreneurship

The DIME certificate is designed for musicians who have approximately 2 years experience playing their instrument, singing or writing. Candidates will need to have intermediate playing experience, with some gigging and/or recording experience also. Every student is assessed individually and we can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, whether you are self taught or schooled in music. This course will have practical emphasis with a focus on practical performance. We want to see you out there gigging, playing and practicing as much as possible.

The course will run from September to June, in 2 x 15 week terms. Your time on the DIME campus will be timetabled and you will study on-site for approximately 12 hours per week. You will be expected to play live, rehearse and practice in your own time.

The cost of this course is $5000 for the year. This is a private course and student loans are not available. The DIME certificate will also have a second entry point in January 2015 and ending in September 2015. To book an assessment, please call us on 313 223 1600 or fill in the application form here. Alternatively you can email us directly at

3. PART-TIME EASTER & SUMMER SCHOOLS (Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals)

DIME will be running two part-time schools in 2015. Exact dates will be confirmed soon. These courses are suitable for musicians of any level. The minimum age is 13 years old. The courses run for 5 days (10–1pm, 2-4pm).

These courses are suitable for younger players who wish to improve their technique and experience playing live and in bands. You will spend your time studying individual tracks and techniques. The cost of this course is $499. There are no external credits for this course and upon completion you will receive a DIME certificate.


The NEW DIME BUILDING is in CAPITOL PARK at 1265 Griswold Street, Detroit, MI 48226. It has just been renovated and fitted-out to the highest possible specification for a Music College.

MI 48226.
TEl: 313 223 1600


Will my qualification be University Accredited?

Yes, but at present only DIME’s BA (Hons) Degree is subject to accreditation and validation by Falmouth University, the UK’s leading University of the Arts. Credits are transferable within the USA and UK so it’s similar to getting your degree at any other university, only this one is in modern music. Falmouth University is a specialist creative multi-arts institution with a heritage spanning more than 100 years. Falmouth is dedicated to redefining creative education and that’s why DIME chose them to be our academic partners.

Who will be teaching me?

You will be taught by the best professionals in your particular genre. All of the DIME courses have been developed and written by music professionals. The team have had 17 years experience in music education and many more in the music industry.

What are the entry requirements for the BA (Hons) degree?

To apply you will need to have, or be expect to gain a Diploma in General Education plus either high level musicianship/ professional experience, or competent musicianship/ professional experience with SAT combined scores of 1600 and/ or 2 AP's with a grade range of 3 and above.

Each musician is assessed as an individual and the greater the level of musical experience and ability, the more this counts towards your DIME application.

How much support will I get on the course?

As much as you need. At DIME, you will be supported in the lecture rooms and also be able to book individual or group tutorials for any issues you have. We take your success very seriously.

Can I get a scholarship?

Yes, you can apply for a scholarship after you have applied for a place on the course. Limited scholarships are available each year.

How do I apply?

Please fill in the application form. We will then send you a full application pack that outlines the wider process. You will be invited for an assessment, which is a chance for us to meet you and discuss your previous experience and career goals. After discussion, we will give you immediate feedback, and hopefully offer you a place on the course of your choice. If we are not in a position to offer you a place right now, we will recommend some practice exercises and book you in for a second assessment 6 weeks later.

How much is it and is there any help with the cost?

DIME is committed to the highest academic standards and affordable learning. Some of our courses are private, and on these courses student and federal loans may not be available. We can advise you through these processes.

Can this qualification help me plan my own career as a musician?

Yes, every tutor involved in the delivery of a DIME programme is a professional working musician. We will discuss how we make a living and get paid for playing and working. We are a community of musicians and music professionals who do not compromise musical standards for commercial success, but we want to help you earn a living from music.

What gear/ equipment do I need to do this course?

If you are a guitarist or bass player, you will need your own guitar. If you are a songwriter, you should own your instrument of choice – ie. piano, keyboard or guitar. If you are a drummer, access to a drum kit is necessary, you may also own an electric kit. However, as we encourage live performance, you should have access to a full live drum kit. All musicians need to have accessories such as soft and hard cases (soft cases only on site please), spare strings, plectrums. Access to amps is necessary for live performance, but you will not be required to bring any amplification to the site at any time.

DIME will sometimes make parts of our facilities available for rehearsal space, however as a musicians you should have access to practice areas in your home or in professional rehearsal studios.


If you are interested in studying at DIME, please fill in this contact form to request a prospectus. We will send you all course information, with a suggested date to come into the DIME POP-UP for a discussion and assessment. You are welcome to come to the DIME POP-UP without an appointment to look round and get a feel for DIME, but assessments should be booked in advance, as we cannot guarantee to have a team member immediately available.



Upcoming Events

Mon 11 August 14


DIME presents FREE FRIDAY on August 15th from 8pm-Midnight in Capitol Park, just steps away from our new location!

This event is free for all ages and will feature music, food and drinks throughout the park, including performances by:

Twenty year old, Detroit native, Charity, is making her mark on the independent music arena with her debut album, “Sounds Like Love”. Charity insists that each element of her music aims to display audible quality of genuine sincerity, but most importantly, love. With her pen and guitar in hand, Charity uses the composition of music to pull the beauty out of every aspect of life.

L A T E . N I G H T S . E A R L Y . M O R N I N G S
Late Nights Early Mornings (LNEM) is a high energy R&B Soul band based out of Detroit, Michigan. LNEM is comprised of two singers, Larry and Jerel Duren, keyboardist, Frank Simmons, drummer, Chioke Bracy, bassist, Philip Simmons, saxaphonist, Michael Hardiman, and trumpeter, Charles Mitchell. Offering original music and show-stopping covers of your favorite songs, the LNEM experience is one that is best experienced in person.

T H E . K I C K S T A N D . B A N D
A sunny power-pop-punk trio, The Kickstand Band has been performing and recording in their hometown of Detroit since 2011. Their debut album, Puppy Love, is an introduction to their blend of garage-tinged grit with melodic guitars and sticky pop hooks. The band then released their Summer EP, featuring an expanded sonic range to compliment their band of boy/girl harmonies and focused songwriting.

K E N N Y . S P E A R
Kenny Spear, is back and ready to stay. Whether it is rapping, beat boxing, singing, or playing his guitar Kenny is an artist blessed and wants to share music and his experiences with the world.

Make sure to stop by the Park because WE’RE TAKING OVER!

Sun 03 August 14


DIME is hosting a NeoSoul Night on Sunday, August 3rd at 7:00pm! Stop by and check out some great local artists and get your fill on with some tasty soul food catered by Otis Shelton. Cover is only $5, so don’t miss this great event!


Darnell Kendricks

Soulful, warm, hypnotic, and passionate are just a few words that have been used to describe the vocal styling of Darnell Kendricks. The key to this Detroit artist’s soul lies just beneath his lush tone saturating the notes and lyrics of every song. His voice rings with an authenticity that infuses an infectious quality within his words and sounds. Darnell is continuing to set more than just Detroit’s music scene on fire. For more info check out the artist’s webpage:

Anesha Birchett

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Anesha is highly acclaimed throughout the music industry for her uniquely precise vocals, incredible songwriting, arranging and vocal production. Having grown up in “Motown”, it was inevitable that this developing musical prodigy would turn towards one of the things Detroit is famous for. From the age of 6 years old she was performing before audiences of thousands of people… standing on a chair so she could be seen! From then until now, her vocal ability has remained nothing less then stellar. Anesha is currently signed to Universal Music Publishing where she has garnered much success as one of Universal Music Publishing’s top songwriters along side her writing partner and sister, Antea Shelton (DIME Head of Songwriting and Head of Vocals). For more info, check out the artist’s webpage:


Twenty year old, Detroit native, Charity, is making her mark on the independent music arena with her debut album, “Sounds Like Love”. Charity insists that each element of her music aims to display audible quality of genuine sincerity, but most importantly, love. With her pen and guitar in hand, Charity uses the composition of music to pull the beauty out of every aspect of life.

Often referring to herself as an “Indie, Genreless, Lover of Art”, Charity allows each style of her musical training to work it’s way into her sound. Growing up in an extremely musical family, including 3 singing sisters, Charity possessed a love for a large range of music, from Negro Spirituals to the soulful sound of the 70’s. Then at the age of 13, Joel Palmer, her first guitar instructor, provided her with an intimate love for her guitar, exposed her to the healing element of music and taught her how to involve the story-telling ingredient of Folk music in her lyrics. For more info check out:

Thu 24 July 14


DIME is bringing hip-hop to the Thursday Night Gig series with Nique LoveRhodes and Insite The Riot on July 24th!

With her debut album Against All Odds: The Epic ‘NiqueLoveRhodes combines smooth lyrical delivery with penetrating lyrical content. Set against the backdrop of soul stirring and cinematic instrumentation, ‘Nique serves material that is truly universal, able to grasp the heart and attention of everyone who hears what she has to say. Like her on Facebook!

With her debut album Against All Odds: The Epic ‘NiqueLoveRhodes combines smooth lyrical delivery with penetrating lyrical content. Set against the backdrop of soul stirring and cinematic instrumentation, ‘Nique serves material that is truly universal, able to grasp the heart and attention of everyone who hears what she has to say.Like her page and come check out the show on July 24th!

Thu 10 July 14


Come join us for our Thursday Night Gig on July 10th with The Erers + Fred Lion!

T H E . E R E R S

Combining elements of psychedelic rock with groovy rhythms of Motown, the ERERs envelop the audience in abrasive and trancelike heavy blues riffs and lyrics that could have been written by Matthew McConaughey. Their influences and understanding of the craft produces an amazing mix of genres.

F R E D . L I O N

Mon 07 July 14


This is a unique music theory short course, starting Monday July 7th, that has been designed with the modern musician in mind. If you have not formally studied music theory, or you need a refresher, this is the course for you.

The course will give you a solid foundation of music theory through studying the basics of scales, melody, harmony, form, rhythm and notation with examples from both classic and contemporary artists.
Through the completion of this course, you will feel prepared to start your full-time studies with DIME in the fall.

The class costs $99 and will run from 10:30am-12:30pm on July 7th-10th and July 14th-17th. It will be held in the DIME pop-up location at 1520 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI 48226.

To sign-up for the Music Theory Crash Course or for more information, please stop by the shop, email us at or give us a call at (313) 223-1600.

Thu 26 June 14


Thursday Night Gigs at DIME continues with a show by Moon Walks and Deadly Viper Assassination Squad on June 26th at 7:00pm!

This week’s show is headlined by Moon Walks, an indie folk band from Detroit, mixing in some rock and blues for an upbeat album, now available for download on Bandcamp:

Self-described as “a bunch of degenerates smushed together to form a riotous concoction of psychedelia and punk that lingers in the depths of outer space.” Deadly Viper Assassination Squad carries its crusade through waves of thundering beats performed by a group of kick ass chicks who are intensely dedicated to the sound. Prepare yourself for an ensemble that spills heavy jams and rambunctious pandemonium.

Mon 23 June 14


DIME is a proud sponsor of this year’s WDIV Local 4 Super Singer contest! Call-backs were held in the pop-up a few weeks earlier, where over 60 contestants were narrowed down to 5 finalists. These finalists would go on to be coached by DIME’s Head of Vocals and Songwriting, Antea Shelton, and perform live at the Ford Fireworks on Monday night.

To check out some videos of the performances and interviews, check out our Facebook page or

Thu 19 June 14


DIME welcomes Anthony Lai as one of our Music Theory professors, as well as the headliner of our Thursday Night Gig series on June 19th!

The Anthony Lai Band is an original rock and acoustic ensemble, whose eclectic style ranges from relaxed acoustic gigs to high-power electric rock, with musical influences from classical to classic rock and jazz to funk. Individually, each band member has wide ranging stage experience playing with various ensembles, from rock bands to choirs to symphony orchestras.

Opening the show is Air Is The Arche, a young band from metro Detroit with talent surpassing their age. With an acoustic rock band and the keening, powerful voice of Kameryn Ogden, Air Is The Arche have a sound similar to that of The Cranberries.

The music starts at 7:00pm… Don’t miss out on this great show!

Thu 12 June 14


Our free Thursday Night Gigs continue with a great show featuring Blaire Alise & The Bombshells and Drew Machak!

Blaire is known for her high-energy, engaging performances with a style described as a combination of 60’s pop and garage rock. Her songs are full of catchy hooks, upbeat lyrics and rich background vocals reminiscent of that timeless girl group sound from the 60’s, but with a hearty dose of garage rock that reminds you of her Detroit roots.

Drew Machak, a former American Idol contestant and current vocalist for Detroit’s own Fifty Amp Fuse, is an artist not looking to define — a songwriter with an ever-changing perspective. Always independent, always writing, never leaving music behind. Come check him out as he prepares to release his third album!

Sun 08 June 14


DIME first Night of Drums is hosted by Eric ‘Rainman’ Gaston (Head of Drums) and features Paul Schauert (Head of Education), Drew Schultz (Drum Instructor) and George ‘Spanky’ McCurdy (Lady Gaga, Jill Scott).

The night will be full of grooves and beats covering all genres and include a Q&A – so come prepared to learn from the best.

Thu 29 May 14


This gig is being hosted by Detroit Music Award winner Audra Kubat. The local singer-songwriting began her career in her band ‘Stunning Amazon’ and has been performing and writing songs since. She has her own label and has composed music for many independent films.

She is being supported by Carmel Liburdi, who you may have seen in playing at DIME before. Carmel writes songs that will make you smile and think about the world around you. She is an inspirational lyricists.

Come and support both these amazing singer-songwriters.

Thu 29 May 14


DIME is sponsoring this year’s Super Singer Contest. The competition is run by WDIV Local 4.

The invite-only auditions are being held at DIME, 1520 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226 on Thursday May 29th from 9am-7pm – so if you have got through to this stage, congratulations and we look forward to seeing you!

The finalists will have the opportunity to perform LIVE during the Ford Fireworks event on June 23rd!

Good luck to all of the contestants!

Thu 22 May 14



Thursday Free Gig features Fifth and Main

Fifth and Main’s passion for music is hard to match for any other band, and their talent of writing music can stand with the best.

Listening to their music and the lyrics of their songs, its as if The Fray, Kings of Leon and John Mayer were all wrapped into one. Take time and truly listen to what Fifth and Main is doing. You will not be disappointed.

They will be supported by AJNA, recently renamed Mover // Shaker featuring Liam Rush on vocals, Jack Parsons on guitar and backing vocals, Colin Shea on drums and Gabriel Miller on bass. Check out this newly named band… and watch this space!

Thu 15 May 14

Thursday Night Gigs - My Pal Val + The Kickstand Band

This is the first of DIME’s Thursday Night Gigs featuring live and local music! It’s happening on Thursday, May 15th and will feature…

My Pal Val, a vibrant trio that fuses alternative rock, blues, grunge, and borrows from the 90’s in all the right ways. This band’s raw, gritty philosophy of sound is centered around an edgy female vocal creating a vibe that is 100% their own.
Joining them will be Detroit power-pop trio The Kickstand Band! They have been playing around the city and the country for 3 years, bringing sticky hooks and guy-girl harmonies to anyone who will listen. They are currently hard at work on their new full-length follow-up album to their debut “Puppy Love” in their self made studio.


Mon 31 March 14


To celebrate the Detroit Tigers opening day, DIME will be hosting performances from 4pm, with UK Band Wildflowers playing a special set and some other special guests.

Tue 25 March 14


Thank you to everyone who came and checked out DIME’s first show. We managed to get about 100 people through the door to witness the nights amazing performances. Special thanks to Kaylan Waterman, Wildflowers, and My Pal Val for performing. See you next week for more great music!

Tue 25 March 14


Don’t miss our first show at the newly opened Pop-Up Shop!

Doors Open at 7pm
Kaylan Waterman – 7:30 – 8:00
Wildflowers – 8:00 – 8:30
My Pal Val – 8:30 – 9:00

Fri 21 March 14


Come on down to 1520 Woodward Avenue to the newly opened Pop-Up Shop. We are opened 10 till 6, Monday to Saturday. There is a stage full of instruments, so If you can play guitar, bass, drums, keys or sing drop in and talk to us about our courses. Or if you fancy listening to some music we will be having lots of performances from our resident band and musicians.

Thu 20 March 14


Come along to the DIME Detroit Launch on Thursday 20th March. There will be some special performances by Wildflowers and talks from DIME Founders Kevin Nixon, Sarah Clayman and Bruce Dickinson.

Check out some other images...



Latest News

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16 July 2014

We are very excited to bring you the news that UK music education provider E-MU (Education in Music) has become part of DIME Detroit.

E-MU delivers online BA (Hons) Degree courses in Guitar, Songwriting, and Innovation in Artist Management to musicians all over the world. This merger will benefit students of both the Detroit Institute of Music Education, and the International online community of E-MU.

In recognition of this significant event, E-MU has been rebranded as DIME ONLINE to fully reflect the alignment of the educational provision.

Please feel free to contact any of the team for more information. Click here for the full press release. We look forward to seeing you in September and providing you with a fantastic experience at DIME Detroit or DIME ONLINE.

Make sure you never miss an announcement! Sign up for the DIME newsletter by entering your email address at the top of the DIME homepage.

© 2014

DIME in HOUR Detroit Magazine

27 June 2014

British Invasion: School to train students in music education is setting up shop in downtown’s Capitol Park

For the full story, check out HOUR Detroit’s website

© 2014

Madonna visits DIME

06 June 2014

We were honored to host a visit for Madonna this week at DIME. We spent time with her team and members of Quicken Loans talking about DIME courses, Detroit musicians and the music industry.

Local band My Pal Val played 2 songs for everyone, and Madonna commented on the songwriting and also acknowledged Val (the drummers) great talent!

Thanks for your time and come back soon!

© 2014

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