How To Apply

Students who want to enroll on the MSU Denver at DIME programs must pass an audition and be accepted to Metropolitan State University of Denver. Follow the steps below to start your DIME-Detroit Journey!

DIME-Detroit Journey

Step 1: Enter your information on the Apply/Contact page. You will immediately be emailed a personalized brochure with more information about the program you are interested in.

Step 2: Schedule your audition at DIME! Click here to schedule.  Or, give us a call at 313-223-1600, or email

Step 3: If you passed your audition, you will be asked to Submit your application to Metropolitan State University of Denver.  Please make sure to indicate on your application that you are applying for: Individualized Degree Program – Detroit Inst. of Music Ed.

About MSU Denver Admissions
MSU Denver admissions will review your application and transcripts.
For information on MSU Denver Admissions criteria for students ages 18-19, click here. 
For information on MSU Denver Admissions criteria for students ages 20 and older, click here. 

Step 4: Have your transcripts and any other requested documents sent to:

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Office of Admissions
Campus Box 16, P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362

Or, have your Official Electronic Transcripts sent to: (all transcripts must be sent directly from the institution!)

If you are concerned about your GPA or ACT test scores, we often recommend that you submit a personal statement and letters of recommendation to the admissions office along with your application. Please contact us if you are concerned about this – we will be able to advise you on the best next steps!

If you have any questions about the audition or application process, please contact us at or call 313 223 1600.