Summer Schools & Short Courses

Summer Schools and Short Courses are non-accredited and offered privately through

DIME hosts week-long performance summer programs each year. These programs are $199, and run from 10am-4pm each day. Our summer programs will be announced after the first of the year, so stay tuned or fill out the apply/contact form to receive information.

DIME’s short courses have been created to encourage creativity and self-expression through performance and songwriting, as well as knowledge and innovation through developing an understanding of the ever-changing music industry. Some of our recent short course offerings have been: Guitar Greats, Your Song, Roots of Rhythm, and Music Business Basics. Our 6-week short courses are just $149, and are announced periodically through our social media and right here on our website. Stay tuned, or fill out the apply/contact form to receive information as new short courses are announced!

See below for some of our previous short courses!