BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance
– Pursuing Excellence in Bass


The BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance course provides you with an opportunity to specialise in bass. Studying for your degree at DIME means you will have a bass in your hands everyday for the duration of the course. We recognize that if you want to compete as a player and be the best you can be, you will need intensive instruction along with the time to practice and develop your technique, own style, and form a realistic and achievable career plan. This course is for musicians who are serious about their music and focused on a career in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing music business environment. You will study in a bass group for most of your classes, and in shared mixed discipline groups for performance and music business studies.

What you’ll do

Explore the course content by clicking on the sections below:

Year 1: Level 4

Technical Development
Artist Studies
Rhythm Studies
Practice Planning

Year 2: Level 5

Advanced Techniques
Advanced Improvisation
Artist Analysis
Composition and Arrangement

Year 3: Level 6

Developing Your Own Style
Applied Techniques
Solo Performance
Professional Practice Portfolio