As part of DIME’s commitment to a college education for Detroit students, we are inviting you to give by donating to DIME.  You may give ONLINE, BY CHECK or IN-PERSON.

Your donation enables Detroit students to become college educated and to prepare for long-term careers in music. The nearly $20 billion U.S. music industry offers vast opportunity for modern music college graduates.  Through accredited course curricula, DIME enables Detroit’s musical community to access and excel in these careers.  In 4 years, DIME has produced alumni who have successful careers and are working in today’s industry. DIME is a supportive, encouraging community of musicians who are focused on helping Detroit students achieve their musical and life ambitions.

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DIME works in partnership with Metropolitan State University (MSU) in Denver to offer accredited Bachelors degrees in Commercial Music Performance (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals), Commercial Songwriting and Music Industry Studies. Students studying on the MSU Denver at DIME program, short courses and part-time programs are people who are creative and passionate about music, and the importance of music in culture.  Music heals, music encourages community, music touches people everywhere, for many reasons.

DIME students are committed to careers in music – and are willing to make that happen no matter what.  Many DIME students, historically, have not excelled at high school and before DIME, had little belief that they could be college educated.

  • Registered gender ratio of students is 64% male/ 36% female
  • 52% of enrolled students are White, 44%  are Black/ African American, 2% are Hispanic and 2% are Asian
  • 11% of DIME students are studying Songwriting, 31% Music Industry Studies, 11% drums, 26% vocals, 15% guitar, 4% bass
  • DIME had a 86% attendance rate during the academic year 2017-18
  • DIME’s tuition is affordable but due to the economic environment of Detroit and many of our students’ family financial situations, even this tuition rate can be difficult to manage without additional scholarships
  • 22% of students who enrolled at DIME, were not able to continue during the first semester of their first year – a further 23% were not able to continue during their second semester
  • 40% of students who stopped attending DIME gave financial affordability or work schedule as the reason

(Data from the 2017-18 academic year)




    • 40% of Michigan adults have an Associates Degree or higher, 31% of Wayne County adults have an Associates Degree or higher, yet only 15% of Detroit adults have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (2016)
    • 43% of DIME students have an incoming High Schoool GPA lower than 2.4 which is lower than the requirement of most Universities in the Metro Detroit area.
    • Yet in 2017-18, 62% of Freshman students saw their GPA increase after their first semester at DIME.
    • 43% of DIME students are first-generation college students. For these students, DIME is a place of support and opportunity. From the first day of enrollment – they feel they can achieve a college-level education
    • 92% of incoming DIME students are from the Metro area, 23% of those are from Detroit
    • During the first year of DIME, approx. 35% of students moved to Detroit.


If you are planning to give a donation of $5,000 or more, G1 Impact operates on a Model C fiscal sponsorship model and will provide governance, reporting and general oversight for your donation.

G1 Impact seeks funding for all levels of fiscal sponsorship and impact fund incubation. Typical impact fund incubation program costs are $30,000 per year.

For more information on G1 Impact at DIME Detroit, please contact Karl Middleton at DIME 313-223-1600,

You can also read more about DIME and G1 impact HERE.

Dave Green and Friends


  • 37% of DIME Graduates are working full-time in the music industry
  • 53% of DIME Graduates are self-employed in the music industry, earning more than 50% of their income from music

KIARA JACKSON, 2017 Valedictorian, moved to New York after graduation to work in full-time employment in the Urban Promotions department at Republic Records – one of the Top 3 record labels in the US.

JIMMY SHOWERS has been touring the US with Uncle KrackerHe was initially employed as a Guitar Technician, but was quickly promoted to Stage Technician and then Stage Manager, overseeing all aspects of getting the show ready each night. He then advanced to the guitaristtouring live in over 30 states in the US, as well as shows in Canada.

EDGAR DUENAS has been working as part of the full-time team at the Fillmore, Detroit since graduating DIME in 2017. He works primarily with artists performing in the venue. Read more about Edgar and Jimmy’s post-DIME experiences HERE.

RYAN HARRISON has joined the DIME ONLINE Team, using his expertise and knowledge of the program to recruit new guitarists! Read Ryan’s student spotlight HERE.

ANGELO COPPOLA, 2018 Valedictorian, has secured a full-time post with Detroit-based sync company, North Star Media. He’s also playing regularly with his rock band ‘The Lows.’ Read more about The Lows and Angelo’s DIME experience HERE.

MAX PREISSNER spent the summer touring as ‘Max Preiss‘, including shows in Colorado. He has recently been accepted onto a Music Business Master’s program at Berklee. Read Max’s Graduate Spotlight HERE.

DALTON SITZLER started at DIME Detroit but transferred to DIME ONLINE mid-way through his studies after being offered a substantial touring opportunity. Dalton has since toured extensively across the US with Detroit-based artist Flint Eastwood, as well as session and touring gigs for LaPeer and Natalie Lucassian.

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