MSU Denver at DIME Detroit – Bachelor of Arts in Music: Commercial Music Performance – Bass



The Bachelor of Arts in Music: Commercial Music Performance degree provides you with an opportunity to specialize in bass. It aims to empower you with a high level of instrumental skill and the ability to develop an authoritative, individual approach to the performance and creation of music. On completion of the degree, you will have established a varied portfolio of creative work and have an understanding of how to develop your own unique approach to your specialism and the wider industry.

Studying for your degree at MSU Denver at DIME Detroit means you will have a bass in your hands everyday for the duration of your studies. We recognize that if you want to compete as a player and be the best you can be, you will need intensive instruction along with the time to practice and develop your technique and your own style, and to form a realistic and achievable career plan. This degree is for musicians who are serious about their music and focused on a career in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing music business environment. You will study in a bass group for most of your classes, and in shared mixed discipline groups for performance, music theory, and music business courses.

What you’ll do

For more information, visit MSU Denver’s website or explore the courses by clicking on the sections below:

Year 1: Semester 1

Techniques and Improvisation I
Live Performance Workshop
Recital Attendance
Essential Music Theory Skills
Introduction to Music
Public Speaking

Year 1: Semester 2

Techniques and Improvisation II
Live Performance Workshop
Music Theory I
Music Theory Lab I
Class Piano I
Recital Attendance
Mathematical Modes of Thought
Composing Arguments

Year 2: Semester 1

Session Styles I
Intermediate Techniques and Improvisation I
Artist Inquiry I
Large Ensemble (Pop and Soul Choir)
Music Theory II
Recital Attendance
Music Theory II Lab
Freshman Composition

Year 2: Semester 2

Session Styles II
Intermediate Techniques and Improvisation II
Artist Inquiry II
African Drum Ensemble
Recital Attendance
American History since 1865
Art and Visual Literacy

Year 3: Semester 1

Advanced Techniques and Improvisation I
Domestic Music Market
Musics of the World
Group Recital
Recital Attendance
Introduction to Nutrition

Year 3: Semester 2

Advanced Techniques and Improvisation II
Group Recital
Jazz Styles
Recital Attendance
Staging Cultures
Introduction to Journalism and Mass Media

Year 4: Semester 1

Personal Expression
Techniques Practicum
Commercial Composition and Arrangement
DIME Elective
Recital Attendance
Sound and Music

Year 4: Semester 2

Senior Recital
Commercial Music Capstone
DIME Elective
Recital Attendance
Marketing Around the Globe