MSU Denver at DIME Individual Classes for Credit

Students who are unable to commit to full or part-time study as part of our MSU Denver at DIME cohort model degree program, and still want to develop skills as a performer, songwriter or music entrepreneur, are welcome to join us by enrolling in a number of individual classes that are available for credit.  You can enroll for Fall or Spring Semesters, and some of the following courses may be offered in the summer.

Students who wish to take one of these classes must still complete an audition and follow the steps listed on our How To Apply page.

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These classes include:

Techniques and Improvisation I
Live Performance Workshop
Essential Music Theory Skills
Techniques and Improvisation II
Live Performance Workshop
Music Theory I


For more information, please call us at (313) 223-1600, or fill out the form on the Apply/Contact page or email us directly at