Tuition & Financial Aid


Tuition and Fees

Annual tuition for students on the MSU Denver at DIME program is as follows: 

2017-18 academic year: $14,199
2018-19 academic year: $14,625

Tuition is paid to MSU Denver, 50% in fall semester and 50% in the spring semester.* MSU Denver offers payment plans for students who wish to pay their tuition in installments. MSU Denver’s Fall, 2018 Dates, Deadlines and Payment Guide will be available around June 2018.

Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. Students who do not officially drop their classes will be assessed full tuition and fees.

Drop and Withdrawal Instructions and Deadlines

Financial Aid

Students on this program are eligible to apply for financial aid. Students who wish to apply for financial aid should complete a FAFSA at MSU Denver recommends that students complete their FAFSA by April 1st.  More detailed information about financial aid is available on MSU Denver’s website. Click here to start your FAFSA!


The MSU Denver Foundation offers hundreds of privately funded scholarships to students every year, based on academics, achievement and financial need. The priority deadline for all scholarship applications is March 1st. Click here to apply.


*All tuition is subject to annual increases and is not fixed for the duration of the program of study. Tuition increases will be no more than 5%. Continuing students will be notified about tuition increases one full year before the Increase is implemented: e.g. notified Summer, 2018 for increases in Fall, 2019.